The Four Criteria of Good Web Hosting

We at Nevia know that the function of a web host is simple – to present your site to the outside world, to make it quickly accessible and to make sure that it is up and running at all times. It is a crucial function that has a direct bearing on the success of your business.

Working with an inefficient or unprofessional web host can cost you seriously in terms of your clientèle, sales and good will. The importance of picking the right web host simply can not be over emphasized.

Many people who start out online are unsure of how to pick a web host or even what to look for in a web host. So here is a list of features that make a good web host. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives an idea of the basic qualities that any good web host must have.

Secure server: A secure server is absolutely essential for any website that involves any kind of financial transaction. Exchange of private and sensitive information such as credit card and social security numbers would be impossible without a web host that offers secure server capabilities. (What is a server?)

Web Servers
Web Servers

For a startup business, a shared secure server connection would be adequate, but if you have any plans at all of expanding your business, you should make sure at the outset that your web host has the capability to set up a dedicated secure server for your business when the need arises.

Speed: A minimum of a T3 connection is a must and it has been said that online revenue and server speed are directly proportional to each other. There is no surer formula for losing customers than a slow-loading website. In the cutthroat, competitive work of e-commerce, speed is always something to keep an eye on while choosing a web host.

Space: While space is an important factor, it must be said that it is an often overrated one. Most websites do not need more than 20 Mb of space. Space does not rate as highly as speed or security in term of priority. All you need to ensure is that your web host has enough space for your site and the option to purchase, more when the need arises, for a reasonable price.

Administration: Being able to manage your website online through a friendly and easy to understand interface can be a real time saver. It can also reduce the cost of site maintenance. If you have sufficient proficiency as a webmaster, good online administration facilities can help you avoid employing a full-time website administrator. These are factors that can make a world of difference to small start-ups.

If you have plans of starting a small online business, you now have a better idea of what makes a good web host. It is an excellent idea to shop around online and compare various web hosting before selecting one.